Get lost in a world of music, art, books, and coffee in downtown Nyack

An unbeatable combination of music, art, books and coffee make for a great Road Trip: Close to Home in downtown Nyack.
Soothe your soul with soundtracks at Main Street Beat, a vinyl record store with an eclectic collection. "We carry rock, jazz, R&B, hip-hop - ranging from the '50s to current music today," says co-owners Amy Bezunartea and Jennifer O'Connor.
Next, fuel up at a unique Nyack staple - The Art Café. This 19th century building-turned-cafe captivates an aesthetic aura with help from local artists. Not only do baristas brew beautiful cups of coffee, but they also serve Mediterranean meals named after famous artist, such as the Picasso Salad.
It's just the right boost of energy to take you on our next adventure at the Pickwick Book Shop, where books are literally stacked from floor to ceiling. But how many books are we looking at here? "Quite a few…thousands! Thousands upon thousands," says owner John Dunnigan.
Get lost in the worlds of history to science fiction and everything in between during your visit to this special village.