G. Gordon Liddy, infamous for Watergate role, to be laid to rest in Poughkeepsie

G. Gordon Liddy, the man infamously known for his role in Watergate, had strong ties to the Hudson Valley.
Liddy, who died this week at the age of 90, raised a family and started his career in Poughkeepsie before heading to the nation's capital.
His daughter Sandy Liddy Bourne says her father taught the family many lessons.
"[He] taught us all to never give up, to fight for our principles, take responsibility for our mistakes and move forward from them," she says.
Liddy Bourne emphasized her dad's importance on acceptance and moving forward many times during her talk with News 12.
G. Gordon Liddy spent more than four years in federal prison as the mastermind of Watergate - the crime that ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
While most Americans know Liddy for his role in this turbulent part of U.S. history, his daughter remembers him a different way.
"Extraordinary. Fun. Very principled...I will always remember him for our father-daughter moments. First one was my ninth birthday and he drove me down to the Bronx Zoo," says Liddy Bourne.
Liddy was an FBI agent and Army veteran, and was known in the 1960s for his work as an assistant district attorney in Dutchess County cracking down on crime and drugs..
The work in Poughkeepsie ultimately propelled his political career, and he took a run at Congress in 1968.
While his race was unsuccessful, he began work on the Nixon campaign and eventually went to Washington, D.C. where the rest is history.