Free swim! Weekday fees waived at some Westchester pools and beaches

Starting Tuesday, there's a cool way for Westchester residents to save on their summer fun.
People going to Glen Island Beach in New Rochelle will not have to pay any beach fees because those have been waived during the week.
The freebie only applies Monday through Thursday, starting today until Sept. 1 and you’re going to have to prove that you live in the county.
The beach opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m.
There also won't be fees at Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains and at Sprain Ridge and Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers. "You know, we pay a lot of money in our taxes so it's nice to see that it goes towards something that we can take advantage of and be able to appreciate some nice beaches that Westchester has to offer," says Jessica Woodford, of White Plains.
Westchester County officials made the announcement on Friday as an effort to step in and help residents save money where they can. "Due to the fact that gas is so high and all the things that people are dealing with this with something that the administration came up with to provide an outlet for people during the hot summer so we're very excited about that," says Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation Commissioner Kathy O'Connor.