Fox kit seen poking out of fox dens ruined by dumping; NYSDEC investigating

Signs of life emerged Friday from a destroyed network of fox dens in Spring Valley.
Dirt, asphalt and debris were dumped onto a hill with several fox dens, with the animals feared dead. Volunteers spent hours Thursday digging through it.
"We're going to try and go back today with a small excavator and pull some of that dirt away," said Annemarie Lucas, a private investigator and wildlife rescuer.
The baby foxes were seen poking out from below Friday.
"Saw all six of them popping in and out of the holes like little whack-a-moles," said Mary Hoehmann, a neighbor. "They were adorable."
The parents of the fox kit are still missing.
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Rockland County Drainage Agency are investigating. Village of Spring Valley officials have not responded to requests for comment.
News 12 caught the company that owns the property tossing cardboard boxes down the hill, just one day after they told News 12 it planned to prevent further dumping.
On the same day he honored other local businesses for being champions of the environment, Sen. Elijah Reichlin Melnick said, "We can reach out to the village and the NYSDEC and make it a priority to get them involved working on this issue."