'Fighting spirit': Dutchess County baby who was born prematurely is home from hospital after 14 months

Monday was a great day for a Dutchess County family who got to bring their baby girl home for the first time after more than one year.
After 408 days, 14-month-old Ada is going home for the first time since she was born premature at 23 weeks.
Ada's twin brother Weston died shortly after their birth in February 2020.
Although she doesn't speak yet, Laurena Mesnard says Ada has unparalleled courage.
"She has a fighting spirit and it has carried her all the way to this point," said Mesnard.
Doctors at Blythedale Children's Hospital say Ada is a miracle.
"At 23 weeks, no matter how good your medicine is, there are risk factors known throughout the country, that there's about a 30 to 40% mortality rate and another 30 to 40% of developmental impairment," said Dr. Dennis Davidson.
Ada was born with a lung disease and has been at three different Hudson Valley hospitals, including Blythedale where she has had respiratory, nutritional and developmental therapies.
Her parents also learned how to care for Ada at home.
"Never lose hope that you will get home. And it may take 408 days like us, but the journey is worth it," said Mesnard.
Blythedale doctors say they expect Ada to grow up and lead a normal life.