FBI: Several fake explosive devices found in Newburgh

Several fake explosive devices have been found in Orange County.

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2019, 8:03 PM

Updated 1,848 days ago


The FBI and the Newburgh police say several fake explosive devices were found in Orange County.
They say the fake explosives were placed outside of the Stop & Shop and at the Newburgh Mall.
According to police reports, neither pose an actual threat, but did cause a real scare.
According to the town of Newburgh police, the devices were discovered Saturday night.
A Stop & Shop employee told News 12 that the parking lot was closed off, and a large police presence was in the area.
Police were also assisted by troopers from the New York State Police and New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit.
News 12 spoke with a security expert who said that the potential attackers could have been collecting data for an actual attack
"People who are looking to do terrorist attacks or terroristic-type attacks will do testing - in which case they would want to see where and how it would be responded to, where the vehicles would stage," says security expert Sal Lifieri.
While the devices were inert, police are urging the public not to pick up any suspicious objects, and to call 911 with any information.

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