Fate of last seat on Mount Vernon City Council rests on 1 vote

The fate of the last seat on the Mount Vernon City Council rests on one vote. 
There were 4,679 votes in Mount Vernon's City Council election, with three seats up for grab.
There is just one vote that separates the next city council member and the fourth-place finisher
Political newcomer Caitlin Gleason currently leads former Mayor Andre Wallace by a single vote for the final seat on the council.
The race was so close that for the first time, the Board of Elections had to recount every single ballot by hand.
Reginald Lafayette, the Democratic chairman of the board, says this is unprecedented.
"The major challenge is we've never done it before. The reality is the machine ballots are being thrown out and what we come up with now here with the hand count will be the actual numbers for the election," says Lafayette.
Election officials have been recounting the votes for three days and hope to finish Thursday.