Fashion expert launches nonprofit to turn industry excess into good

A renowned fashion expert from Dobbs Ferry founded a nonprofit in 2016 aimed at giving excess beauty products to those in need.
Mary-Alice Stephenson says starting the foundation allowed her to connect purpose to beauty.
“I think after being in the fashion and beauty business for so long, I needed to connect purpose to all that pretty,” says Stephenson.
The former fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar acquired a warehouse for the foundation in Dobbs Ferry.
"GLAM4GOOD Foundation was really born from that desire to take all the excess in our industry, all the excess clothing, beauty products ... and connect it to people in need,” says Stephenson.
Before the pandemic, officials from the organization would go into disaster zones, hospitals, schools and shelters to lend helping hands. COVID-19 forced them to pivot. 
"We literally created giveaways that we'd send to facilities across the city and state, and then the facilities or shelters would do the pop-ups themselves,” says Stephenson.
Clothing included basic items, but also specialties such as wedding gowns.
News 12 is told GLAM4GOOD receives personal care products donated by well-known stores and designers.
The nonprofit has collaborated with Oprah Winfrey and former first lady Michelle Obama.
Stephenson hopes to help more people in need and across the country by being given the ability to tap into the excess in the fashion and beauty industries and utilize them in a sustainable way.
She calls her movement "something for the history books."