Families with loved ones in Dobbs Ferry nursing home fear sick people are mixed in with healthy residents

St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry is under fire again, but this time it's from the families of residents.

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Apr 22, 2020, 12:08 AM

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St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry is under fire again, but this time it's from the families of residents.
News 12 has received numerous calls from them, but only one would speak anonymously in fear of retaliation against their loved one.
"I feel like my hands are tied and we cannot do one thing to help, not one," said the daughter of a resident in St. Cabrini Nursing Home.
She says it's an uphill battle to reach the administration, sometimes taking more than two hours to hear her mother's voice.
St. Cabrini says part of that reason is because staffing has decreased in the 300-bed nursing home, where 40 currently remain vacant.
"We are using all our service nurses per diems -- people who will only work here and there," says Patricia Krasnausky, CEO of St. Cabrini Nursing Home. "We're not recruiting staff because there aren't new staff out there to recruit."
While staffing remains an issue in nursing homes across the board, residents are particularly concerned about contracting coronavirus.
"She's terrified that they have people who are sick mixed in with people who aren't, it could be during physical therapy, it could be when walking the hallways, it could be when they're eating," says the daughter who has a mother at the home.
St. Cabrini says it does not mix patients. It says the 35 residents who are presumed to be or are infected have a separate team of workers caring for them in their own rooms.
Non-residents with coronavirus who are referred from area hospitals are treated on a separate floor.
"Our residents -- this is really their home, their rooms are all decorated, they have all their belongings," says Krasnausky. "So we're being very careful that everybody has their own room.There's a sign outside their rooms, there's a table outside with all of their PPEs on it."
The nursing home also says it is sanitizing the building and sending email updates to families every day.
And to further ease concerns, the nursing home is rolling out a 24/7 hotline for families to stay updated on how St. Cabrini is fighting COVID-19.
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