Explore some of the finest fall foliage in the Hudson Valley

It's that time of year when the colors of the leaves take a vibrant turn for the season, so join our Road Trip: Close to Home as we explore some of the finest fall foliage in the Hudson Valley. 
Seven Lakes Drive runs through Harriman State Park, and it is a GEM of a ride.
You’ll wind your way past seven different lakes, including the largest — Lake Sebago! From horizon to horizon you can witness, first hand, the changing seasons. "It's good to come here on nice days it's a really good view and it's very calming," says visitor CJ Bingoe.
The glass-like body of water reflects the colorful trees along the shoreline. 
And while you’re here, why not get in a workout? Harriman State Park is home to 200 miles of hiking trails where you’ll surround yourself with a wide array of brilliant, fall-hues.  
And it doesn’t end here. Up the road is Lake Tiorati, a manmade lake that offers scenic signs of autumn. 
Stay a while and have a cookout with your loved ones. It’s a perfect place to picnic and dance under the golden shades. 
But the views from the ground don’t compare to the views from above. That’s why Bear Mountain State Park is the next stop.  Head up Perkins Memorial Drive, and you’ll arrive at the historic Perkins Memorial Tower which captures an inspirational 360° view of the Hudson Valley.
The changing season may be short-lived, but the memories can last a lifetime.