Expert offers home heating advice & safety tips

As temperatures fall well below freezing across the Hudson Valley, News 12's Michelle Brown visited experts to find out how residents can keep their homes both warm and safe.
Tommy Webber, of Webber Plumbing & Heating, says he recommends keeping thermostats set to between 60 and 70 degrees. That should keep the pipes from freezing.
Mamaroneck residents Terry and Stephen Badalemente say their kitchen pipes froze eight years ago while they were on vacation in Las Vegas. Another kitchen and bathroom tip is to keep the water dripping slightly overnight.
And the experts say homeowners should remember that pipes in their garages may be more exposed to the cold weather. Using insulation found at any hardware store might save significant trouble and money.
In the basement, the boiler and heating pipes may be at risk if temperatures are not kept up or the boiler stops running.
Experts also suggest knowing where the house's main water shut-off valve is, in case a pipe does burst and you need to turn off water.