Experience the magic of Elk Ravine Farm: A family-owned haven in Amenia

Elk Ravine Farm in Amenia is a family-owned farm that invites you to book a tour and learn how the animals are doing wonders to the land. 
The farm sits on more than 90 acres in Dutchess County, and it is home to more than a hundred animals 
Owner Jim Archer will show you the lay of the land and introduce you to your new furry friends. 
The tour is about two hours long, and the first 30 minutes are on a horse-drawn carriage. 
Archer says the purpose is to help you relax and be in the moment before meeting the animals!
You'll be able to touch and hold the rabbits, goats and calves, which brings your connection to the little animals to another level. 
You'll also meet the larger animals, like the Belgian Draught Horses, Water Buffalo and Scottish Highland Cattle.
Archer will show you how these gentle giants are great for grazing and the environment by controlling invasive plants. 
After spending some time outdoors, warm up inside!
It's where you'll learn the history of carriages through an impressive collection acquired and reproduced through the centuries.
Elk Ravine Farm offers a one-of-a-kind experience for a "Road Trip: Close to Home."