Ex-Yonkers beauty queen helps in Puerto Rico relief efforts

A former Yonkers beauty queen is helping Puerto Ricans get back on their feet after Hurricane Maria.          
Layla Vazquez said she started a GoFundMe page and used the donations to begin collecting supplies about two days after she heard about the devastation.
"I looked like a mad woman in Walmart. I had three shopping carts absolutely full to capacity," she says.

She then delivered the supplies to No Limit Auto Shop in Long Island. She said her friends there were coordinating a huge relief effort, including renting three cargo containers to ship directly to Puerto Rico.

Vazquez says she takes great pride in Puerto Rico, and was even Miss Puerto Rico Yonkers in 2010.

She says her grandparents live at the bottom of huge mountain in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Since the hurricane, she's been unable to contact her elderly grandparents, but she has gotten word that they survived.

Vazquez says she has raised $1,700. On Tuesday, the last of the donated supplies were being packed in Long Island to be shipped to Puerto Rico.