Escape to Home: Transform your boring, old tiles into something beautiful

Transform your boring, old tiles into something beautiful, in this week's Escape to Home.
Here's a list of materials, and instructions to turn your old and tired looking tiles into something fresh and fabulous from Devon and Joe Cornell:


Stencil (Etsy)
Rustoleum home 2 step kit in white
Black paint
Adhesive spray


1. Clean the tiles really well using Krud Kutter (any pet hair, lint, dust, etc will get painted in so take your time!)
2. Paint over all tiles and grout using white paint (we used Rustoleum Home step1) let dry. Two coats.
3. Plan your pattern according to your tiles (start at focal point, how you want the pattern to look where it is most visible).
4. Use adhesive spray to firmly affix stencil, roll black paint.
5. Gently lift stencil.
6. Continue steps 4-5 trying to work on tiles that are not next to each other to avoid smearing.
7. Allow dry time for black paint.
8. Make sure everything is still hair, dirt, and lint free and apply the epoxy top coat (Step 2 Rustoleum Home). Use two coats.
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