Escape to Home: Paint pour dresser rehab

In this week's Escape to Home, learn how to rehab a dresser with paint pour.

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Jun 4, 2021, 1:00 PM

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In this week's Escape to Home, learn how to rehab a dresser with paint pour.
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Material list:
• Dresser or piece of choice
• Painters tape
• Sandpaper 220 grit
• Plastic
• Gloves
• Squirt bottles
• Paint for base
• Paint for drawers
• Brush
• Plastic cups for mixing
• Paper or drop cloth
• Paint sticks
• Blow dryer
*Most items can be found in a Home Depot, Lowe's, local hardware store, Dollar Store or Amazon
*Other items may be found around the house
1. Gather supplies. Select paint colors for entire project. I used White for the base and then a shade of blue and a shade of teal green.
2. Wipe dresser clean from any dust, stains or dirt.
3. Sand with 220 grit sandpaper – goal is to just sand lightly for adhesion and to make sure you have a smooth surface.
4. Wipe clean again.
5. Remove drawers and set aside
6. Paint with brush the entire dresser, will most likely need two coats for best coverage
7. Prep drawers by covering the drawer base from dripping paint. Tape and plastic works well.
8. Prepare paint by mixing 3/4 paint with ¼ water. Mix each color individually in plastic cups. Mix thouroughy and paint should drip nicely off of stick. Pour into squirt bottles.
9. With drawers upright, randomly squirt the paint colors into and around each other, coverage for drawer front should be around 80%.
10. Tilt and lift to move drawers around to have paint flow across the drawer front and start blending into each other. It should start to get fun at this point watching the patterns the colors start to make with each other. Keep tilting and moving drawer until the entire drawer front is covered and paint is literally dripping down the sides.
11. Set aside drawer when happy with design and coverage and finish others.
12. Allow all paint to dry 24 hours and reassemble.
13. Clean up!
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