Elmsford apartment complex goes up in flames

A fire seriously damaged an Elmsford apartment complex overnight.
Residents in The View on Nob Hill complex tell News 12 that firefighters started banging on their doors around 2:30 a.m., telling them to evacuate the premises.
Fire officials say the fire started in 323 Nob Hill Drive, and it is suspected it was electrical in nature.
Crews from Elmsford, Ardsley, and Valhalla fire departments worked for hours and got it out by 5:25 a.m.
News 12 was told the fire got so bad inside that the second floor collapsed on top of the floor below it. Officials say it is a total loss inside.
Officials say they did not find any working smoke detectors in the apartments, adding the fire could've had a much more tragic ending. "Please check your smoke detectors. The smoke detectors will save your life," says Elmsford Assistant Fire Chief David Signor. "If the guy wouldn't have come inside and broken the door, we wouldn't have woken up," says Divya Nagalati, a resident.
Three people were transported to the hospital - two for smoke inhalation and a newborn in a neighboring building as a precaution.
A couple firefighters suffered heat exhaustion, but no major injuries were reported.
The exact cause is still under investigation.
The Red Cross is assisting at the scene and is providing emergency assistance to four families displaced.