Eight different galleries of Italian art take center stage in Cold Spring

Imagine Italy was only a drive away... well here in the Hudson Valley, a glimpse of it actually is! 
If you want to experience the artwork of Italy without the hassle of traveling, then join us on this Road Trip: Close to Home to Magazzino Italian Art in Cold Spring.
“Magazzino means ‘warehouse’ in Italian and we opened in 2017.  This is our fifth anniversary and we’ve been showcasing Italian art from the late 60s until today,” says Vittorio Calabrese, Magazzino Italian art director.
Eight different galleries will take you through the world of two exhibitions.  One is dedicated to an Italian movement of the 1960s.  “The idea is that those artists were experimenting with materials that are not usually used in the art practice; they were uncommon,” explains Calabrese.
Like wood, clay, metal and more!  “A beautiful work that everyone loves and it’s really bringing up the dimension of memories and intimacy; it’s actually the idea of coffee - this is coffee and every day we do actually make a little pyramid of it,” says Calabrese.
Calabrese says the other showroom is an Italian artist’s exploration of ecology over the last 50 years.  “This entire group of artists shared the idea of art as life so you’ll see a lot of those examples throughout your tour at Magazzino.”
It’s not just about the artwork here you can also play with donkeys! About a dozen endangered Sardinian donkeys call the hilltop of Maggazino home! 
While museum admission is free, donations are vital to keeping doors open. 
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