Education Ambassador: Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin is a freshman at FIT and works at a boutique in Mount Kisco.

News 12 Staff

Sep 14, 2020, 4:31 PM

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Education Ambassador: Lindsey Martin
My name is Lindsey Martin, and I am currently a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
This semester I am attending classes remotely via virtual meetings. I am a fashion design major so having the necessary materials for my classes is very important. Thankfully, I have most of the supplies I need at home, but I might occasionally make trips to the studios and labs they are providing us access to on campus.
As well as being present for class, I am gratefully maintaining my jobs working in a boutique, New York Dolls in Mount Kisco, working as a hostess at a local restaurant, and my online clothing store While COVID may have relayed some setbacks for the fall semester, I feel blessed that I can still keep busy in a safe environment. 
Sept. 4 - Lindsey talks about taking classes online, while working three jobs.

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