East Ramapo families cope with ongoing bus driver shortage

It's been three weeks since the first day of class, but some families in East Ramapo are still facing issues due to the shortage of bus drivers.
On Wednesday, News 12 spoke by phone with parent Luis Nivelo, who said that one of his two kids is still without a bus to school at the East Ramapo Central School District.
"My wife, she took my kids in the morning because the buses are still running late and for one of my daughters, we don't have a bus yet," says Nivelo.
His wife is now working fewer hours to make it work.
East Ramapo, like districts nationwide, kicked off the school year with a shortage of bus drivers - 27 in total impacting 10% of students and leading parents to pack out a school board meeting and hold a rally.
At that rally, lawmakers told News 12 the district was planning to bring on 12 new drivers, cutting the number of kids without transportation in half.
The East Ramapo Central School District tells News 12 they are working with a new transportation consultant specialized in routing efficiencies. The district hopes the partnership will help fill gaps. The district did not confirm how many drivers it is still short but says less than 10% of students remain without transportation.