Earth Day under quarantine leads to positive impact on the environment

Research shows the Earth is getting cleaner the longer people mind COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.
There are fewer cars on the roads due to nonessential businesses being closed and people practicing social distancing.
However, more people are enjoying the great outdoors through physical activities like bike riding and possibly better appreciating what nature has to offer.
"This is the only exercise I get, otherwise I'm in the house and I'm sedentary so it's kind of important to me,” says Silver Lake resident Martin Gottlieb.
News 12 is told in the short term, air pollution worldwide has decreased. Included is a 30% drop in nitrogen dioxide across the Northeast, according to the Associated Press.
Although there have been positive changes, some experts say a negative environmental impact has been an increase in plastic bag usage.
With the statewide plastic bag ban on hold, stores are discouraging people from bringing reusable bags to limit potential coronavirus exposure. But Pace University environmental law professor Katrina Kuh says she doesn’t fear that the plastic bag ban is in long-term danger, however.
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