Early voting: Lawler holds ‘Back the Blue’ rally; former President Clinton stumps for Maloney

Those registered to vote in New York and have not applied to vote absentee are eligible to vote early starting today until Nov. 6.

News 12 Staff

Oct 29, 2022, 3:24 PM

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Those registered to vote in New York headed to open polling spots Saturday for early voting. It lasts until Nov. 6.
Many political candidates in the Hudson Valley hosted campaign rallies to energize their supporter base.
One of this year's most anticipated races in the upcoming election is for New York’s 17th District is between incumbent Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney and Republican Mike Lawler.
Lawler hosted a “back the blue” rally at the Rockland County courthouse to support local law enforcement and motivate people to vote.
"I believe on November 8th we are going to be the face of the red wave because voters in this district are hyper focused on two issues: inflation and crime and my opponent has failed to address any of these issues and in fact has made them worse. This is really the first time in our nation’s history that Democrats control everything in Washington, Albany, and NYC all at once and we've seen the results. people want change,” he said.
Lawler’s supporters agree with his stance.
"I'm tired of the Democrats, I'm tired of the way that they run this state. Too many of my friends have left because you just can’t afford to live here anymore. I believe if they don't win, you're going to see a mass exodus of people out of this state, and it will be very sad,” said one supporter.
In Nyack, Maloney also amped up his support base during a rally.
"My argument is, if you give me two more years, I’m going to keep getting your costs down. I'm going to protect your Social Security and Medicare. We're going to take on big drug companies, big gun companies, big oil companies, and we're going to fight for people,” he said.
Former President Bill Clinton was in attendance.
"I've known Sean for 30 years. I was thrilled that when he won, he tried his best, and still does, to work with everybody. To represent everybody, to bring people together instead of drive them apart. And I don’t think the Hudson Valley can afford to lose him right now,” said Clinton.

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