Dry January impacts alcohol sales as consumers seek healthier drinking options

Dry January - it's great for your liver but not so great for alcohol sales at Halftime in Mamaroneck, the largest distributor and retailer of alcoholic beverages in the Hudson Valley.
"We are seeing a big push for consumers wanting to drink items that don't have alcohol in it," says Halftime COO Jason Daniels.
And it's not just January when non-alcoholic beverages shine.
"People are becoming more active and healthier, and lifestyle, its been a big change in the past five or 10 years and I think we're catching up both in food and alcohol," Daniels explained .
"It is sort of indicative of society saying we want to promote health and wellness," said Courtney Hulse, an addiction specialist.
It doesn't include only non-alcoholic beer.
"The hop waters, too, that's a huge explosion to the market as well," says Daniels. "It's almost like a sweetened seltzer product that has fresh fruit with different hops and aromas in it as well."
Courtney Hulse says all this goes a long way in helping to de-stigmatize alcoholism because its no longer about the drink, but about the experience that comes with it.
"Their attachment is I only feel comfortable socializing if I have this drink in hand, or if it looks like an alcoholic drink and no one knows. So, it's really about that process. How are we consuming it? Under what conditions?" said Hulse.
However, if you are a very heavy drinker, abstaining from alcohol could be very dangerous for you. She says to consult your doctor before making any decisions.