Dozens of cats rescued from Bronxville house fire

A fire in a Bronxville home led to the rescue of dozens of animals Saturday. 
Eastchester firefighters responded to the home on Hathaway Road Saturday afternoon.
Fire officials say when they arrived, they found the home's owners attempting to re-enter the house to rescue their cats.
The couple told investigators they run an animal rescue and had 30 cats inside. All but six made it alive.
"It's terrible when things like that happen in general. It's sad that the animals perished and it's right around the holidays, you know, Thanksgiving weekend," says Eastchester Fire Chief Brian Tweed.
The cause of the fire is unknown, but fire officials say they believe it started in a second-story bedroom in the back of the house.
News 12 is told neighbors and friends are pitching in to help take care of the remaining cats.