Dog Rock Resorts owner kept dogs safe during 2021 nor’easter

The owner of a New City dog day care business says he toughed out the nor'easter alone for 30 hours due to staff being unable to travel in the storm.
Mike Abrams tells News 12 he’s thankful he lives down the road with all-wheel drive.
"Hardly any of my staff were able to get on the roads and thankfully I live right down the road with an all-wheel drive car, so I was the night staff last night and was here from 7 a.m. until pretty much now,” says Abrams.
The resort is typically staffed 24/7 to care for its furry guests boarding in their luxury suites.
"Dogs need their walks and their attention, so aside from belly rubs I had to make sure everyone was fed and suites were clean,” says Abrams.
Once the storm subsided, an employee was able to make it to work on Tuesday morning.
"It’s been a long couple days, but we made it through it and all the dogs are safe and happy,” says Abrams.
The Dog Rock Resorts owner says the day care will resume on Wednesday.
To learn more about the business, visit their website.