Document: Robert Durst quietly divorced his missing wife 8 years after her mysterious disappearance

The Turn To Tara team has obtained a court document revealing that Robert Durst quietly divorced his missing wife eight years after her mysterious disappearance, claiming spousal abandonment.
In his affidavit, Durst wrote "he received no communication from his wife" after she left their South Salem home on Jan. 31, 1982.
However, that's not what police say that Durst told them back in 1982.
Two sources who are close to the reopened probe confirm to News 12 that Robert Durst told detectives he dropped off his wife at a Westchester train station to head back to Manhattan, and then spoke to his wife on a payphone shortly after she arrived.
In the HBO documentary, "The Jinx," Durst confirmed he lied to get police off his back.
The latest development comes on the heels of Westchester County prosecutors taking a renewed interest in Kathie Durst's disappearance - and amid the murder trial of Robert Durst in Los Angeles. Durst is accused of murdering his best friend, Susan Berman.
Bill and Ruth Mayer, the former neighbors of Kathie and Robert Durst, have testified that the New York real estate heir lied to police when he told them he was at their South Salem home having cocktails the night his wife vanished.
Ruth Mayer went on to reveal private discussions she had with Kathie Durst where the model-turned-medical student told her that she was a victim of domestic violence for years.
"She didn't want to report it. I encouraged her to, but she was afraid to," says Mayer.
The attorney for her surviving siblings spoke exclusively with News 12 this week about the case, saying Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah is working hard on the case, and their hope and prayer for the family is that justice will be served.