Dobbs Ferry 4th graders replace items from 1987 time capsule

Masks, sanitizer and change were just some of the items that Dobbs Ferry fourth graders put in a time capsule they buried today.
The items are quite different than what they pulled out from fourth graders in 1987.
The items from 1987 included a GI Joe comic, a sketch of what an electric car might look like in the future, and letters from politicians, authors and TV stars, from then-Vice President George Bush to "Ramona" author Beverly Cleary.
Springhurst Elementary says the capsule was supposed to be dug up in 2020 - 35 years after it was buried. And it was, but then the pandemic hit so it's taken until 2022 to celebrate and pack the new capsule.
One of the fourth graders who buried the 1987 capsule is now a Dobbs Ferry police sergeant and as fate would have it, his son is in fourth grade burying the new capsule. "The biggest thing I got from seeing all these things is being in contact with my friends from 35 years ago. We all talked about it. We talked about the different fashions. It brought us all back together," says Sgt. Justin Kamke.
Kamke says he wishes the same for his son and his friends.