Details emerge on New York’s new $212 billion budget deal

Details are emerging on New York’s $212 billion state budget deal.
The agreement includes:
  1. A record $29.5 billion in schools aid
  2. $2.4 billion for child care
  3. $2.1 billion for excluded workers
  4. $111 billion in total state operating funds
  5. $212 billion in all funds spending
  6. $29 billion in public and private green economy investments
  7. $2.4 billion for rent and homeowner relief
  8. $1 billion for small business recovery
  9. Legalizing mobile sports betting
  10. A first-in-the-nation plan to make broadband internet affordable
  11. Implementing comprehensive nursing home reforms
The budget rejects Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposed closure of Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center. Each year the facility helps over 100 at-risk kids with varying mental health challenges.
Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers have agreed to raise taxes on the wealthy and on large corporations.