Deer Park homeowners concerned about proposed gun business opening in the area

Residents showed up to a Town of Babylon zoning board meeting to speak out against what they say is a proposed gun shop in Deer Park.
It would be located in an office inside an industrial building on Skidmore Road.
There are residential buildings on the other side of the building.
The co-owners, Herman Manosyan and Ken LaPenna, say it's not a gun shop, but an "e-commerce firearms business."
"We're not here to open a retail gun shop," Manosyan says. "This is not a Dick's Sporting Goods."
The store would operate as a federally licensed transfer station for online orders.
If someone buys a gun on the Internet, it can't be shipped to their house.
Instead Manosyan and LaPenna would perform the background check, and if the person passes it, they would transfer the weapon to them.
The business would also perform some firearm repairs.
"What we're trying to do is just make a few extra bucks," Manosyan says. "And if we can offer services to first responders, create an online e-commerce business and try to give people breaks on prices."
Neighbors to the proposed business say gun crime is already a major problem and are afraid this type of business would make it worse.
"People do not want to look out their window and see people coming in to purchase weapons," one person said at the meeting.
The town zoning board asked questions about how many weapons would be at the location and if they'd be stored properly.
They did not make a decision yet. The decision will be mailed, but no timeline has been given.