All for One One for All Farm in Goshen offers food and fun while giving back to nature

The All for One, One for All is a project under Dartagnan Farms Foundation founded in 2019 by Alix Daguin and her mother.

Nikita Ramos

Jul 4, 2024, 1:45 PM

Updated 9 days ago


Step into the boots of local farmers who put their passion for the environment into practice in Goshen. Within 15 luscious acres sits a farm that gives back to the land that helps it flourish.
All for One One for All (AOOA) is a project under Dartagnan Farms Foundation, founded in 2019 by Alix Daguin and her mother.
The nonprofit regenerative silvopasture farm is defined by the trees that it farms with.
There are about 2,000 of them that help cultivate a symbiotic relationship to leave a lighter ecological footprint.
"The farming practices we do here, they augment and ameliorate, instead of deplete and diminish," Alix Daguin said.
There are plenty of workshops, tours and fresh farm-to-table food that helps educate visitors of all ages about the benefits of working with nature.
There are many activities for kids, including pick-your-own cucumbers, raspberries and even feed the sheep with trees.
Adults can also feast on a fresh menu and sip at the distillery that serves up special twists to classic drinks with liquors from what's harvested at the farm.
Visitors can even pick their own colorful bouquet of flowers or apply for the artist residency program.
Visitors will get the chance to walk away with a deeper understanding of the shared benefits with nature, while slowing down and making memories on this "Road Trip: Close to Home."
To learn more and plan your next trip, click here.
To apply for the artist in residence program, click here.

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