Dairy farmer sees spike in business during pandemic

Chris Vreeland’s Freedom Hill dairy products are seeing a 60% increase in sales.

News 12 Staff

Apr 16, 2020, 4:27 PM

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Some dairy farmers in the Hudson Valley are seeing a spike in business during the pandemic.
Chris Vreeland owns LTN Distribution, a small business distributing a few select products including his line of buttermilk, yogurt and kefir.
He says since the beginning of March, when the coronavirus hit New York, his business has been increasing.
As more of the well-known brands sold out in stores, customers have been trying new products in the dairy aisle, including his.
He's seeing a 60% increase in sales and working seven day weeks filling the demand. "My main competitors are not making the shelves, so as I’m able to get my product to the shelves, it’s getting picked up by default. Which for me is good. It’s a blessing, and I would assume as time goes on, it’s going to grow my business just by sampling by default."
The products are made right on the Otisville farm. He says social distancing at his company is easy - aside from one other delivery driver, the only thing he’s managing under his payroll are the cows.The small business owner hopes his dairy line remains a family favorite when life returns to normal.
Vreeland’s Freedom Hill dairy products can be found in Shop Rite, Hannaford’s and DeCicco’s.
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