DACA recipients hopeful President-elect Biden will reinstate program to full extent

Recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in Westchester say they're breathing a sigh of relief following the election win of President-elect Joe Biden.
The Trump Administration challenged the presence of 700,000 DACA recipients nationwide.
President Donald Trump scaled back the program, it's no longer accepting any new applications, and the deportation deferral time has gone down from two years to one.
But now Biden is giving these "dreamers" hope after saying he'll reinstate the DACA program to its fullest extent.
After four years, DACA recipient Gabriel Guambana says he is ready for a Biden presidency.
"I think I might've been up all night, all four days. I might've been just watching the news of what's going on with all the states," Guamban says, who also works in an Ossining barbershop. "I think it was even more anxious because the last four years have been this uncertainty whether we're going to get deported, What's going to happen with our statuses?" Guamban says.
He says the uncertainty has taken a toll on him.
"To be honest, it's just been bad. It's been horrible. Emotional, anxiety," Guamban says.
"It was not so much a celebration of, like, 'yay! Biden won!' Because we're supporting him 100%. but it was more a relief like 'Ok, we know Biden's probably not going to do every single thing, but at least we'll be able to breathe a little bit,'" says Diana Sanchez, community organizer of the Yonkers Sanctuary Movement.
Those dreamers explain that it's not just about their futures, but their parents as well, and they hope someday there'll be a simpler path to citizenship.