Croton teen makes 'ear savers' with 3D printer for health care workers

A 16-year-old from Croton has figured out how to use one of his hobbies to help health care workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic – using his 3D printer to make a helpful tool for the workers.
Ear savers are plastic bands that attach to face masks, a helpful tool for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis.
"I know a lot of the nurses and the doctors have been getting like red marks on their ears from it," says Max Frey.

So, Frey has been busy making as many as he can, and keeping production going all day long.

"To print five of these, it takes about three hours and five minutes," says Frey. "Maybe get like four prints out of the day, which is like 20 of them.”
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All have been donated to a group called Croton Face Masks Makers, which then distributes them to hospitals around the area.

Frey is turning what used to be a fun hobby into a helpful tool during a time of need.