County jail officials come under fire after series of troubling events

Westchester County Jail officials are coming under fire after a series of troubling recent events, including the suicide of an inmate.
The death of Bassem Yousef at the jail was the second inmate suicide there this year.
County Legislator Ben Boykin, who chairs the Board of Legislator's Public Safety Committee, insists the suicides and disturbing incidents like the arrest of Capt. Thomas Abrams for his alleged involvement in a child sex ring last week and the attacks of corrections officers at the hands of inmates in April and May make him question how the jail is being run.
Officials at the jail didn't want to go on camera to discuss the suicide, but they insist all policies and procedures were followed.
Boykin says in light of the suicides, his committee will pay greater attention to the jail to make sure both inmates and correction officers are safe.
“We're going to make sure to have more oversight and to make sure we're on top of what's going on out there,” he says.