County Executive Latimer announces ‘complete count committee’ ahead of 2020 Census

Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced the creation of a "complete count committee" ahead of the 2020 Census.
Latimer says an extra effort is needed to make sure all of the people who live in Westchester County are properly counted.
"It is a matter of representation in government positions, legislative positions,” says Latimer.
And it has major financial impacts.

"School districts use that data, local nonprofits use that data. The data translates into dollars that come to Westchester," says Norma Drummond, commissioner of the Department of Planning.
Many say they are worried about the controversial citizenship question President Donald Trump wants on the 2020 form.
 The president tweeted Monday, saying the report would be meaningless without the citizenship question.
Latimer says he disagrees.

"We are not convinced that the political leadership of the nation wants to see areas like New York counted,” says Latimer.
Latimer says that the undocumented community is very fearful, and they are not trusting that their information will be kept confidential.

The 25-member committee met for the first time Monday afternoon. It is also looking into ways to reach seniors and young adults, even though the census form can be filled out online for the first time.
It's still uncertain if the citizenship question will make the final form.

The Supreme Court is expected to make a decision on whether to include the citizenship question by June.
The race question will also have some changes. This form will allow people to write in their origins after choosing their race.  For example, if someone chose Hispanic or Latino, they could write in Dominican origins.