RECAP: County Executive George Latimer holds COVID-19 briefing for April 3

Live video of Westchester County Executive George Latimer holding a briefing with updates on COVID-19 cases and response efforts.

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Apr 3, 2020, 5:09 PM

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RECAP: County Executive George Latimer holds COVID-19 briefing for April 3
-"We're trying to save lives" the county executive states.
-The county executive says he does not have a community breakdown from Governor Cuomo just yet.  Says they will likely show 'frightening' growing numbers. 
-418 Westchester residents hospitalized with COVID-19
-71 deaths due to COVID-19.  There is no community breakdown at this point.  
-"I think we understand what we're facing."  Reflects on the March 3 "index" patient that has been released from hospital and is recovering at home.  
-Westchester County Center has been turned over to the state for use as a temporary hospital.
-The county has tested more than 40,000 people.  More then 12,000 positive, running right now at a 2:1 non-positive to positive ratio. 
-"There is no wall around Westchester." Says if a bed is available and not needed by a resident, it will be used for anyone who needs it. 
-Office of Economic Development looking for volunteers to work with small businesses on federal help. 
-Latimer says the health care concern comes first, but that businesses are being thought about.
-County parks are open, but are being monitored for social distancing guidelines.  
-County Executive Latimer thanks first responders and health care workers.  Says "in this war" the health care workers are on the front lines.  
-Urges residents to reach out and thank health care workers, police, fire and first responders. 
-Responds to News 12 question about Bee-Line buses, and the possibility of adding more buses to the current weekend schedule.  Latimer says there are fewer people riding the buses.  Says now there is appropriate social distancing because the ridership is lower.  
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