Proposal: Public-private partnership to own, operate county airport

<p>The Business Council of Westchester unveiled a proposal Tuesday to form a public-private partnership that would own and operate the Westchester County Airport.</p>

News 12 Staff

Sep 18, 2018, 9:21 PM

Updated 2,134 days ago


The debate on whether or not to privatize Westchester County Airport in Harrison could come down to a compromise.
The Business Council of Westchester has announced a new proposal for a public-private partnership. The deal would allow the airport be operated by a private firm, but the county government would still get the final say in major decisions.
County Executive George Latimer says he plans to work with both sides to make the airport as strong a facility as possible. "The Business Council and the residents and the advocacy were all part of a rational process to make this airport as good a neighbor as it can be and still maintain the basic transportation function that it provides,” he says.
Several public forums were held with residents who are concerned about what change at the airport could mean for them.
The council has launched the Coalition for the County Airport which it says wants to set the record straight when it comes to the issue of privatizing the airport. The idea of privatization has been met with strong opposition from several local groups. Some have even suggested closing the airport.
Business Council officials claim these groups have put out a lot of misinformation, and the new coalition will be circulating a petition with information about what it means to bring in a private operator. The idea is to then get people to sign a petition in support of the airport.
The council says all petitions signed online in support of the plan will be sent to the county executive's office and the Board of Legislators.
The Coalition for the County Airport will be rolling out a campaign in the coming weeks.

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