Coronavirus pandemic alters world of pregnant women, doctors who treat them

The coronavirus pandemic is altering the world of pregnant women and OBGYN doctors.
Kaitlin Carson says she's moved out of her crowded Yonkers apartment building to temporarily stay at her in-law's Northern Westchester home.
She's also canceled her baby shower and travel plans.
"My husband and I were going to go to Europe for a babymoon, obviously that's been canceled," she says.
Avoiding travel is something Dr. Patricia Calayag, a medical director and OBGYN at Westmed Medical group, is recommending to patients.
"Social distancing is critical. A babymoon is moving out of your shelter-in-home recommendation, which I think we are trying to put across the country as a public health measure," she says.
She's also working to move some appointments out of office to minimize the spread of the virus.
"We are trying to see if we can do a portion of the prenatal virtually so that when the patients come in, they come in, get the baby's heartbeat check, get their blood pressure checked then go back to their car wherever we can complete the visit virtually," she says.
Dr. Calayag says it doesn't appear pregnant woman are more likely to contract the virus and data shows they are also not becoming more ill than the average person when they get it.
For those concerned about delivering at hospitals that may have had or handle coronavirus cases, she says it is safe.
"Most of our labor and delivery units are closed units. They are really very careful about it. We limit visitors in the hospital to one visitor per pregnant person," she says.
The new restrictions and precautions surrounding pregnancy are not what most women anticipated during this milestone in their lives.
It's important to note that these are recommendations being given to patients of Westmed. Dr. Calayag says people should still check with their doctor if they have a specific question.
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