Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corps officially replaced by Cornwall EMS

Cornwall EMS has now officially replaced the town’s previous ambulance corps. 
The new agency is operated by New Windsor Emergency Medical Services. They put out a statement on Facebook Thursday about their first night in town providing basic and advanced life support saying, “We are committed to making this partnership successful. Yet, we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to honor all the past members of COVAC for their service.” 
The statement also said Cornwall EMS has brought on many members and staff from Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 
Town officials announced last month an agreement to change providers because of management and financial concerns with Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 
New Windsor had previously provided ALS for Cornwall, while COVAC covered BLS. 
COVAC also put out a statement on Facebook thanking the community for their support and their members for their service.