Cornwall-on-Hudson hires armed police officer for summer camp after Uvalde tragedy

Officer Robert Thompson is keeping busy this summer tossing the ball with kids and giving high-fives. 
At first glance, the newly hired Cornwall-on-Hudson officer might seem like a camp counselor at the village’s Summer Playground program at the elementary school - but his role is much more than that  
“This community is very pro-police,” said Mayor James Gagliano. “I think that no matter where you fall in the political ideological continuum, safety for these kids is paramount."
Gagliano is a former FBI special agent. 
He says he made the decision to have an armed police officer at their summer camp after parents raised concerns following the school massacre in Uvalde. 
“Why in June do you have an armed officer there but you’re not going to do it in July and August? That was the thinking,” said Gagliano. 
So far, the officer’s presence has been well-received by kids and parents. 
“I do think it’s a great idea he’s here,” said Jennifer Aubrey. “It makes me feel really comfortable and safe.” 
Village leaders recognize others may say an armed officer isn’t necessary, but they disagree. 
“You can’t say that anymore,” said Police Chief Steve Dixon. “These types of things don’t only happen in big cities.” 
Officials say it’s also a great way for kids to interact positively with police. 
The Cornwall school district has an armed sheriff’s deputy in each building during the school year. 
Gagliano says they’re considering keeping an armed officer as a permanent presence during their summer camp program. 
“It’s not a panacea, but it’s a step toward making camp safer.”