Construction on Mount Vernon's Memorial Field on hold

A judge on Friday issued a temporary restraining order against Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas to halt any more work from being done to Memorial Field.
The ruling was in response to a request by the five-member City Council, which filed the motion for the stop-work order on Friday. The judge's decision comes one week after city contractors took down the Mount Vernon Center tennis bubble in the middle of the night. The move motivated the council to seek the cease-and-desist so the mayor would leave the renovation decisions in the hands of Westchester County, where they say it belongs.
"Having Memorial Field shut for a decade is terroristic," Thomas said. "Spending $1.2 million to demolish the grandstands and not join me in demanding that the DA get involved and investigate -- that's terroristic."
Thomas says he may not adhere to the restraining order; he needs to review what it entails. Both the mayor and City Council are expected to return to court July 10 to determine the permanency of the order.