Congressional committee holds hearing about Seresto flea collars 1 month after Team 12 investigation

One month after Kane In Your Corner investigated the potential dangers of a popular flea collar, a Congressional committee has begun to hold hearings to determine if the collars are safe.
Team 12 first reported about the concerns that the Seresto flea and tick collar could be harming or even killing pets.
The Environmental Protection Agency has received more than 100,000 reports of adverse effects from these collars, including more than 2,300 reports that pets have died.
A former EPA scientist says that she thinks the problem could be even worse than the numbers indicate.
“The number is actually a very low estimate of the number of incidents that are actually occurring, since many pet owners do not know that they can report incidents to EPA,” says Karen McCormack. “They may not know how to correlate the adverse effects in their pets with a particular pet product.”
The maker of Seresto collars, Elanco Animal Health, also testified. The company's CEO insists the collars are safe and says the company believes most of the reports of negative effects on pets are not actually related to the product.