ConEd: Cleanup from massive fluid spill into New Rochelle Harbor could take weeks

There are new details involving last weekend's massive fluid spill into the New Rochelle Harbor.
Con Edison says cleanup will take weeks after 17,000 gallons of fluid used to cool underground electric lines poured into the water on Saturday.
The utility company says an equipment malfunction led to a manhole explosion which leaked the oil-like fluid from the road and into the harbor. It went as far as the Long Island Sound.
The line is fixed, but now crews are working 24/7 to purify the water and surrounding land.
Utility company officials don't believe the leak will impact the area's drinking water, and they're monitoring the potential impact on local wildlife.
That's where local environmental advocacy organizations, like Save The Sound, are most worried.
"Seventeen thousand gallons of an oil-like substance - it's a big deal," says Bill Lucey, of Long Island Soundkeeper, Save the Sound.
Their biggest concern is birds won't be able to fly or dry off and animals like crabs will be ingesting the fluids.
"Even though it may be non-toxic, physically that can be damaging," says Lucey.
The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is overseeing the work