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Community pitches in to help Rye mom and her daughters who lost their house to Ida

The community is helping a Rye mother and her four kids rebuild after they lost everything during Ida.

News 12 Staff

Sep 5, 2021, 8:46 PM

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The community is helping a Rye mother and her four kids rebuild after they lost everything during Ida.
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Chelsea Chapman has raised four strong daughters all by herself in her Rye home.
"My mom got divorced about 10 years ago, and then this was the first house that she bought on her own,” says her daughter, Tailor Chapman. “This was her independent house—it was a big milestone.”
Chelsea Chapman adds, "It was a house full of girls. I always say, even the dog is a girl. We're a house full of strong women."
However, nothing could've prepared them for the life-threatening conditions they faced after Ida hit their home Wednesday night.
Chelsea Chapman says the floodwaters reached over their heads in less than two minutes. Her daughters were also trapped in the basement and nearly drowned.
"When the water pressure gets so strong near a door, you get where you can't open it, and the windows bust," Chelsea Chapman says.
The fire department had to come rescue them by boat from their second-floor window.
"There'll never be enough thank you's for everyone who's helped us…we were up to our knees in mud, Chelsea Chapman says.
Now the family's house is left without electricity, plumbing and all of their belongings, including their car.
Chelsea Chapman’s insurance doesn't cover the damage, but they do have a community helping them clean up.
"Strangers just stopped their car, probably had two or three hundred people…people brought food for everybody, people picked up laundry, somebody took every baby photo we had, every piece of paper to dry it out," Chelsea Chapman says.
Even in the thick of it, Chelsea Chapman is trying to be a strong mom.
You can donate to the family's GoFundMe here.

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