Coliseum Memories: Isles’ home provides unique setting for team’s broadcasters

Nassau Coliseum is beloved by fans for its sightlines. And those sightlines have offered Islanders broadcasters a unique view and a different perspective for the on-ice action.
As the longest tenured play-by-play man in team history, Howie Rose's calls are etched into the history of the Islanders and the Coliseum. 
"The calls, frankly, are better for the excitement in the crowd," Rose says. He called the Coliseum his home away from home, for better or worse. "There can be some revisionist history about the 'charm' of the Coliseum - there was never anything charming about it other than over the years when it became kind of your cute old grandfather."        
Rose says his favorite Coliseum call was actually not the famed Shawn Bates playoff penalty shot - it was the night the Islanders clinched a playoff spot in 2002.
"It was very emotional for me," says Rose. "That's what I had hoped for when I signed on."
Brendan Burke took over for Rose in 2016, bringing a new sound to Islanders games as the Coliseum underwent physical changes.
Burke didn't have much Coliseum experience when he took on the job.
"Before I got the job, the only experience I had at Nassau Coliseum was actually a Barenaked Ladies concert in 1999," says Burke.
But now he sees the unique setting the Coliseum provides for a broadcaster.
"From my vantagepoint, the most unique thing is my vantagepoint," says Burke. "It's a great spot to call a game from. You don't normally get this close to the action. I think that's the thing that will stick with you as being the one thing that you don't really want to let go of, is this small intimate environment because you're not going to ever see it again."