Clarkstown School Board holds meeting over gender expression bathrooms

The Clarkstown School Board held a meeting Thursday night to address the district's recent adoption of a new New York state law that allows students and faculty to utilize bathrooms and locker rooms based on their gender expression.
The policy has sparked debate and concern among some members of the community.
There was a lot of shouting and very strong feelings on both sides of the bathroom policy argument.
One student even called for the resignation of members of the school board that support this policy, which was met with a rousing applause from half of the room.
A transgendered student recounted walking into a gender-neutral bathroom in their school when a group of five boys walked by. The student said the boys started shouting slurs at them which frightened them.
Another student complained that the school did not ask what the students thought. He said he is not against gender neutral bathrooms but that he is against making a male bathroom or female bathroom gender neutral. He added that transgendered students should have their own space that is gender neutral.
While the policy aims to support gender diversity and inclusivity, not everyone is comfortable with its implementation. Some students have expressed safety concerns, referencing a high-profile incident at a Virginia high school where a female student was allegedly assaulted in a women's bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt. This incident has fueled fears about potential misuse of the policy and has prompted lawsuits.
In contrast, supporters of the policy argue that safety concerns are unfounded and that the focus should be on promoting acceptance and understanding. Brooke Malloy from the Rockland Pride Center emphasized that the fear of transgender individuals posing a threat is misplaced and suggests a broader societal issue.
News 12's Lisa LaRocca's preview of the Clarkstown School Board meeting