Chinese culture, arts and history celebrated at Chappaqua Lunar New Year event

The year 2024 is celebrated as the Year of the Dragon.

News 12 Staff

Feb 5, 2024, 2:21 AM

Updated 170 days ago


Celebrations for the Chinese New Year were in full swing in Chappaqua on Sunday as a crowd honored the Year of the Dragon.
It was a celebration of Chinese history, culture and folklore at the annual Lunar New Year event at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center.
The year 2024 is seen as the Year of the Dragon. The dragon is seen as a symbol of power, joy and peace.
Event organizer Cristina Shih explained that the Lunar New Year begins on Feb. 10 with the first new moon of the spring. She said during the first quarter that it is the best time to seed plants and a great time to seed one's good intentions.
The event not only incorporated dance performances, but art as well, like a piece of Chinese calligraphy that is said to guaranteed to bring peace to one's home.
Artist Haige Zhang said art helps all people throughout the world not only learn about Chinese culture, but helps them all know each one another better.

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