Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry sued under Child Victims Act

A man says he was sexually abused while he was a resident at the Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry in 1975, a new lawsuit filed under the Child Victims Act claims.
The Children's Village is a private nonprofit residential treatment facility and school for troubled children.
According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff known as John Doe was just under 10 years old when he was sexually abused by both staff members and other residents who were minors.
At the time, he claims he told several staff members about the abuse - one of them even threatening him if he ever told anyone else.
Doe claims nothing was done, and that the Children's Village should have been aware of the child sexual abuse within its programs instead of using its authority to discourage or prevent victims and their families from disclosing such abuse.
News 12 reached out to the Children's Village for comment.