Chicago shooting prompts Yonkers police on high alert at July 4 fireworks show

In wake of the July 4 mass shooting in Chicago, Yonkers police were on high alert Monday night for the city's annual Fourth of July fireworks show.
Prior to the shooting, police said they had already planned their public safety response for some time with specialized units in and around the event.
The shooting was on people's minds, especially since they were in a large gathering. Police, however, reiterated that they were extra vigilant and wanted people to enjoy the night.
The city expected thousands by the waterfront to enjoy music, dancing, games and activities for the kids.
The fireworks were launched from a barge docked out in the Hudson River that gave attendees a perfect view.
People who arrived at the show said they noticed the police presence right away.
"Because of what happened in Chicago today, when we first got here, we saw all of the police vans and everything and so we feel pretty safe. There's like high security," said Daisy Fontanez, of the Bronx.
Yonkers police said there were no specific threats to the event and stayed vigilant until the last person left the event.