Charter boat service offers unparalleled views of the Hudson River

In News 12’s latest Road Trip Close to Home, Nikita Ramos make it a boat trip close to home instead.

News 12 Staff

Jun 11, 2020, 4:51 PM

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For your next road trip close to home, why not make it a boat trip close to home instead?
Nyack Boat Charter lets you be the captain of your own ship, without owning one.
Owners Kevin O’Donnell and Doug Foster say you should can leave your worries back on land with everything from relaxing private cruises to extreme adventures. "We've branched out now. We have a powerboat that we do water sports on, this sailboat here, and we offer the Fliteboard," says O’Donnell.
He says they been running charters for about five years and offer unique views of the Hudson River while still practicing social distancing. "Right now we're taking very small groups for six people. we have a lot of precautions that we take to make sure that the boat is very clean and that the crew and everyone is being safe."
Another perfect way to blow off that quarantine steam is by renting the wakeboarding boat. "So this boat is designed for wake sports - being water tubing, wake surfing, wakeboarding. So we got all the bases covered on this one," says O’Donnell.
One change Nyack Boat Charter has had to make due to COVID-19 is its dock location. They're temporarily located at Alpine Marina in New Jersey, only about a 15 minute drive from Nyack.

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