Chappaqua man who lost job during pandemic turns love of candles into thriving business

A Chappaqua man who lost his job due to the pandemic turned his love of candles into a thriving business.
Terron Richardson says he always loved fragrances and candles, and after losing his job at a high-end home decor company at the start of the pandemic, he started his own e-commerce, eco-friendly candle business.
The business took off and he moved to Chappaqua last summer for more space.
Stores like Rocks at Chappaqua Crossing now carry his product.
He even named a candle after his new hometown and another for his place of birth - the island of Anguilla.
Richardson says he learned all he could about candle making from YouTube.
His luxury candles start at $45.
Richardson plans to expand his business to fragrances.